Cyber security doesn’t have to be hard.

Have you avoided facing cyber security risk because you just don’t know where to start? Or because it seems impossibly difficult for a small organization?

Would you like to achieve a level of cyber security that builds confidence, not stress? With a little guidance, you can integrate cyber security into your standard business practices.

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Cyber security doesn’t have to be expensive.

Are you concerned about cyber security in your organization?

Do you need help getting started on assessing your cyber security risk?

Before you start buying expensive new technology to protect your office network, download our whitepaper to learn what steps to take -- and in what order -- to maximize your investment in cyber security.

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“The network security assessment performed by TNE confirmed the things we thought we were doing right, and helped us identify areas of improvement. Our IT staff were happy to work with TNE in developing a blueprint for the future."
Jack Greer, Vice President, Autry Greer & Sons, Inc.
Cyber security doesn’t have to be confusing.

Are you unsure of your organization’s security posture? Are you confused by the many “solutions” touted by IT vendors?

Imagine being knowledgeable about your information system and confident in your ability to evaluate vendor proposals.

Our free whitepaper “Assessing Cyber Security Risk” is the first step on this journey.

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"TNE did a security assessment for our business. We were surprised at the vulnerabilities they found. Thankfully they had simple answers."
Business owner, Alabama financial services firm
Cyber security doesn’t have to be intimidating.

PCI DSS, DFARS, CMMC, GLBA, HIPAA, NIST, FERPA – are you drowning in acronyms? Do you feel completely out of your league when trying to read security and compliance standards?

Would you like to be guided through the process of achieving both security and compliance with minimal pain and expense?

Contact us now to learn how truly “possible” it is for a small business to achieve a reasonable level of both security and compliance.

"We were contacted by one of our clients (a defense contractor) -- out of the blue -- about DFARS, without even knowing what it was initially, or whether it was reasonable to attempt to comply with it. The team at TNE is very knowledgeable about the requirements. After talking with them, we felt well educated on the subject. They understood what the issues would be, allowing us to start the process of becoming compliant and satisfying our contractor client's needs."
Small business owner, Gulf Coast defense subcontractor

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Cyber security doesn’t have to be painful.

Do you worry about what your employees are doing on the job? Are you concerned that an employee may accidentally trigger a significant cyber security incident?

What if you had good written policies and effective employee training to reduce that risk?

Our white paper "Protecting Company Data with Simple Security Policies" will get you started!

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"As a registered investment advisor, confidentiality and security of our client data is of utmost importance. TNE assisted us in performing a cyber risk assessment, updating our cybersecurity policies and procedures and training our employees to identify red flags. We know we can call on Glenda and her staff with any concern and they are readily available to assist us in our cybertechnology needs!"
Jamie Thuss, VP/Chief Compliance Officer, Aull & Monroe Investment Management
Security Awareness Training doesn’t have to be boring.

“Thanks to Glenda’s training sessions, our employees are actually getting excited about security.”
Christopher Burns, INFOSEC Director, The SSI Group
Glenda R. Snodgrass

Glenda R. Snodgrass has been President and Lead Consultant at The Net Effect since its inception in 1996. Her dynamic personality and effective teaching style have made her a sought-after corporate trainer, public speaker, expert witness and workshop host across the Southeast for more than twenty years.

"I'm a firm believer in the effectiveness of Glenda's onsite, in person, face-to-face training. My staff talk about it for weeks after every session! They never talk about videos or webinars like that."
Gerald Tipton, President, Lucy Buffett’s LuLu’s

"Glenda was wonderful! Her briefing was very informative and she had large groups of ship yard workers hanging on her every word -- no small task. We received lots of fantastic feedback."
Phyllis Denomy, Industrial Security Manager, VT Halter Marine

TNE. Cybersecurity. Possible.

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